We supercharge our services with our data-driven seamless end-to-end architecture – flexibility and scalability at the same time – and above all: meeting highest security standards


We use advanced technologies to streamline our services and administrative processes – our clients benefit from a unique combination of carefully selected best-in-class industry area module software and proprietary technology.

Our purpose-built and service-oriented architecture connects all production areas through our proprietary middleware, enabling fully data-driven processes and seamless handling across all areas of our production chain.

Productivity and quality of traditional mid- and back-office services suffer significantly from inefficient data handling processes and technology.

Unlike us: we achieve significant productivity gains (up to 90%) across all stages by using the latest ML and AI technologies such as Data-Centric Automation with Touchless Processing, and Built-in Information Capture-Enabled Business Process Management.


Integrated Enterprise
Ready Platform

  • Real-time Fund Accounting

    Real-time Fund Accounting

  • Investor Engagement Portal

    Investor Engagement Portal

  • 360 Degree Compliance Management

    360 Degree Compliance Management

  • Dynamic Reporting & Customized Analytics

    Dynamic Reporting & Customized Analytics

  • Investor Onboarding & Digital Fund Closing

    Investor Onboarding & Digital Fund Closing

  • ESG Reporting & Management

    ESG Reporting & Management

  • Dynamic Investor Portal

    Dynamic Investor Portal

  • Payment management Automated cash reconciliations

    Payment management Automated cash reconciliations

  • Governance & Corporate Actions

    Governance & Corporate Actions

We integrate a full spectrum of functionalities required from a modern Back Office operation – and combine this with a best-in-class suite of dynamic front-end solutions for full data-enriched lifecycle investor experience.

Our ENTERPRISE READY platform is designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency in client servicing – we can seamlessly integrate into your current setup & processes.

  • Achieve real-time data mastery
  • Benchmark performance
  • Maximise insight & transparency
  • Achieve governance excellence
  • Enhance investor relationships