We have solved 3 key problems - Full compliance with regulatory and contractual obligations, successful maximization of ESG driven value-add opportunities and full transparency of all ESG related risks

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Up to 80% cost reduction
Up to 5X faster
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Portfolio Companies
External Validators
Limited Partner
General Partner
 fund's lifecycle

One End-To-End ESG Service throughout the fund's lifecycle

Automated alignment between stakeholders

Specially made for alternative asset fund managers. The goal is to ensure alignment between LP, GP, Portfolio companies, Regulators, External Validators

Additional Value for the VC Fund Manager

Ensure Your Portfolio Companies are CSRD Ready​. Don't miss out on impact linked carried interest and many other opportunities from ESG


Our Tech-Driven ESG Platform

Integration of automated cap table updates into SFDR reporting

Single access point for Portfolio Companies to provide ESG data

Give investors full transparency of the ESG performance

State of the art impact scoring tools for article 9 funds

Full visibility for GPs regarding audit & certification status of ESG data

Identify material impacts and receive improvement suggestions

Impact Calculation Tool

ESG Solutions for The Alternative Asset Industry

ESG Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

ESG scoring in 30 minutes per company

Invite portfolio companies with a simple link to access a 30-minute assessment, covering key ESG topics based on SFDR, GRI and SASB. This efficient tool aids in identifying material ESG risks during the due diligence phase.

Benchmark performance across companies and ESG categories

Once a company completes their assessment, their results are benchmarked against other portfolio companies across various ESG categories, facilitating comparative analysis.

Easy to export results

PDF reports from our system can be easily downloaded for use during deal flow, with options to include your comments or export raw data for deeper analysis. Our services operate on a convenient pay-per-use model.

SFDR Fund set Up with Objectives and KPIs

Fund policy setup according to the SFDR

Our system provides guided setting of environmental and social characteristics, including help with metric and KPI selection.

Fund policy setup for article 8+ and 9 SFDR

We offer guided setting of environmental and social characteristics, including Metric and KPI development, along with assistance in developing Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) indicators.

Guided development of fund disclosure documentation

Our customizable templates help save time and legal fees. Exports are ready-to-customize and publish.

SFDR Compliance with automated fund setup

Save time and legal fees with automation

Our system facilitates SFDR fund setup, including defining fund policy (SFDR Article 6, 8, 8+ or 9). It provides guided environmental and social characteristics setup, Metric and KPI development, and assistance in developing Principal Adverse Impacts (PAIs) indicators.

Disclose effortlessly

Our system gives you automated website and periodic disclosures which can easily be exported as a word document or pdf.

Meet investor demands

Our system is supporting the development of Limited Partner Agreement (LPA), Investor Due Diligence Questionnaire (DDQ), LP Term sheet and LP Reporting.

Your outsourced ESG officer

Dedicated ESG expert

Hire a dedicated ESG officer for your management companies to focus on the performance and implementation of the ESG policy.

Portfolio Company Training

Train your portfolio companies and handling the cordination and management of portfolio companies regarding ESG issues.

Screening & ESG Due Dilligence

Performing screening and Due diligence of investments through ESG criteria.

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Helping uncover cash opportunities and hidden gems of ESG

ACE's disruptive offering is focused on making fund operations in the alternative asset space more efficient, transparent, innovative and customisable to a diverse range of fund manager needs.


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